Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 4: Bananas and Skim Milk

As many as 8 bananas and 8 glasses of skim milk (or any yogurt, preferably plain, high in calcium and low in sugar)

I woke up this morning still feeling great!

The scale says I gained back half a pound (for a total of 3 1/2 pounds lost). Is this because of the coffee? The high-in-calorie avocado? A finicky scale? Or did I stare at the pizza too long?

No matter! A half a pound either way doesn't bother me. Taking it all in stride!

I had a bunch-exactly 8, in fact-of organic bananas and after eating just one felt quite full.

Then an hour later I had another one, with some plain non-fat Greek yogurt.

For lunch, I blended 3 bananas I had previously put in the freezer, along with some more Greek yogurt, in order to make "banana ice-cream". It was thick and tasty! The sweetness of the bananas balanced out the tangy flavor of the yogurt.

And then, my tummy full of banana goodness, I went out to vote!

My afternoon snacks were 2 glasses of skim milk- the healthy organic kind and the best I've had. All other skim milks taste watery to me, but this stuff was actually pretty good.

Sometimes the kids like to set up a "restaurant" for dinner, making the table all fancy, writing up a menu and serving us hand and foot. Tonight Hosanna arranged some fresh roses and lively music.

Tom had steaming brown basmati rice topped with kung pao chicken and pie with ice cream for dessert. I had a sliced banana. At least the conversation was stimulating.

Really, this day went just fine for me, and I don't care for bananas that much!

The bananas and milk or yogurt combo is quite filling. Blending frozen bananas was definitely a treat! Each day has gotten subsequently easier for me.


  1. ok, you've piqued my interest. if you're still standing by day 8, i may try this! ;)

  2. Being that you have always exhibited more self-control than me, I'm sure you'd do great on this cleanse! :)