Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day Two: Branson, Missouri

Post-script from our arrival night: The kids saw a raccoon and chased it but were unable to catch it (to their consternation and my relief). Caleb wanted me to make sure I noted this.

We all managed to sleep in a bit this morning (such a hardship). Breakfast was pumpkin pie and granola. We had hoped to spend some time swimming at Table Rock Lake, but due to heavy rain went instead to Branson Landing, starting out at the Bass Pro shop and then weaving our way down the strip, in and out of shops as the rain came and went.

The highlight for the kids was probably the candy shop-they each got a small bag of their own to fill with the goodies of their choice, to their rapturous delight.

At The Children's Place, Drew said loudly after exiting the bathroom: “Those bathrooms were SO clean, Mommy! I was afraid to touch the toilet, it was so clean. They are waaaay cleaner than our bathrooms!”

Once the rain stopped, we enjoyed a late lunch outside on the patio of a gourmet Mexican restaurant- Cantina Laredo. I think that was some of the most delicious Mexican food I have ever eaten! It was located right next to the Landing fountains, which boast a special fire & water musical display every hour. 

The question Caleb posed to us all was, “Where in the world would you go, if you could?”
Tom: Swiss Alps (although his first answer was, “Wherever Rachel is”)
Rachel: Venice
Hosanna: China
Caleb: Amazon Rainforest
Drew: Wisconsin

Our cheerful server told us that Drew was the American version of one of her favorite Hispanic actors, a 5 year old named Javier Gutierrez (of the "Pequeños Gigantes" on Univision).

When we at last made it back to our condo in the late afternoon, a siesta was in order. What is it about vacations that make you tired? It must be all the relaxing! After that, off to the pool for more swimming. We met a lovely Christian couple celebrating their 35th anniversary. They enjoyed playing with our kids and telling us about their five grown sons. The Dad was a mechanical engineer, so he and Caleb chatted it up quite a bit.
A late dinner of hot dogs, raspberries, and carrot sticks ended with the kids on the couch and Tom reading stories. Then, one more episode of Andy (can you tell we are making our way through all 8 seasons?!?). After they were in bed, Tom and I shared a slice of Dino's famous carrot cake which we had purchased at the Landing. Scrumptious! I love to visit places, big and small, that I've read about. A tasty end to a perfect day.

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