Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day Three: Branson, Missouri


We slept in even later than yesterday, if you can believe it. Breakfast was bacon, fried eggs, biscuits, fresh pears, and orange juice. One must eat well on vacation, you know, to keep up one's strength.

We headed to Springfield so Tom and the boys could visit ANOTHER Bass Pro shop, the massive one, while Hosanna and I were a few blocks away checking out a darling shop called “Red Velvet”, which I had been wanting to see for months. Hosanna loved trying on the hats, and we found one that compliments her perfectly and looks like something that walked out of “Alice in Wonderland”. We shared a truly AMAZING cookies n' cream cupcake that was everything a cupcake should be-moist but not crumbly, and bursting with rich flavor. We also shared our first-ever bubble tea in a raspberry flavor and agreed it was a favorite.

After joining the boys, we all had a late lunch (everything is fashionably “late” during vacation) at a Chinese restaurant. I think Springfield should also be called the “Cashew Chicken Capitol of the World” and that is what we had for our cheap but tasty middle-of-the-day meal. Also crammed in the tiny restaurant was a Baptist Church group from Manitoba, Canada, loudly exclaiming over and enjoying their lunch as well. It was quite entertaining.

Then, we were off to the old downtown district to do a bit of browsing. The boys went to a family-owned scooter shop to talk scooters while Hosanna and I searched through an “all things vintage” shop next door. When did the 80's become “vintage”? I'm confused. :)

Rounding a corner, we stumbled upon a coffee shop and cafe called “Boca Mocha”, which literally pulled me right in; it could not be helped. I fell in love with the interior design and chatted with the shop owner, a lovely young woman also named Rachel and about my age, who was busy behind the bar whipping up delicious coffee treats. She gave a large slice of chocolate cake to the kids when our wait turned out to be longer than expected. They consumed the cake and the raspberries that went with it before I could even grab the camera. Tom took a little nap on one of their comfy couches. Next time I'm in Springfield, I'll definitely make my way back to this eclectic spot!

Once back to the condo, we relaxed for a bit and while Drew slept hard, Tom took Hosanna and Caleb swimming. After a dinner of various leftovers, we headed out in the relative cool of the evening for miniature golf at “Pirate's Cove”. Tom beat us all, of course, with Hosanna coming in 2nd, Caleb and I tying for 3rd, and Drew coming in last, although he did get a hole in one once. I heard Drew say that his pirate name was “Fat Bobby”.

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  1. YAY!!!! I'm sooo glad you tried bubble tea with Hosanna. :) When Dad took me out for my b-day, we got some, but the tapioca pearls didn't go over well with him. :( Ah well...