Sunday, April 1, 2012

With Ree, Spring 2011

Last year, we went to a book signing where Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) was speaking and signing books along with Marlboro Man. Our group was composed of Hosanna and I, my friend Maegan with her daughter Ashton, and Rowena. (Thanks, Rowena, for the picture!)

While we waited in line to see Ree (about an hour, I believe), we carried on amiably and chatted and laughed and bantered back and forth as our excitement increased. Rowena and Maegan, as a joke, had brought me a little key chain holding a cow which pooped chocolate.
They are always so thoughtful in their gifts.

Someone had the bright idea that I should give it to Ree.
“No way!,” I said, “I won't be one of those people who gives her something just to get extra attention or a blog mention.”
But it was an enticingly funny idea and I thought I might just give it to her.

When it was our turn, however, something odd happened. I don't think there ever was a time before, or ever will be a time afterward, in which we were all completely and simultaneously struck speechless.
And we talk a lot. All of us. We regularly sharpen our wit and sarcasm on each other.

At that moment, inexplicably, we turned into docile little lambs who ducked our heads and smiled shyly and said hello and after a polite remark or two stood there in dead silence while she signed our books.

She even commented on how very quiet we were.

Maegan pretty much patted her shoulder-nearly stroked her hair-and stood there in a trance.

We took our picture.

We walked out of the room.

And in the hallway we instantly fell apart in nervous giggling fits and asked-”What came over us? When have we ever NOT said anything?!? We had a million things to say to her!”

I guess we were star-struck. We do love our Ree. ;)


  1. I will NEVER forget this day as long as I live!! I am never speechless!!! I simply could not think of anything to say, and I was almost tempted to drop to the floor and kiss her very feet! I think I am still a little star struck! I still do not know what to say.... ;)

  2. I had never seen this infamous photo before... you guys are hilarious! :P