Friday, April 29, 2011


It's green by his grave. I'm glad for the green lush grass. Many of the cemetery sections are brown-newly turned brown dirt awaiting grass seed. It would be completely quiet, except for the birds, were not some construction workers grading the earth nearby and preparing more grave sites.

US Navy
World War II
Nov 4 1924
Apr 29 2010
Loving Husband
Grt Grandfather

One white marker.
Among so very many.
A nearby marker has this verse inscribed:
He who trusts the Lord will have wings like eagles.” Isaiah 40:31

It seems strange to sit here, so near the stone, knowing this is his final earthly resting place.
We go to cemeteries to remember, not visit. He's not here.
I place some fresh white roses at the base of his stone. And, even though I hate fake flowers, I can't help but put a small bouquet of the prettiest little white-peach roses I could find. As a little token of love & memory. Because it would be sad, on this my first visit, not to leave a little something behind.

He might not know.
But I know.
And I'm remembering...

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  1. Thanks for remembering and for the pictures.
    From, Dad