Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just the Way it is

Grandma was in a calm mood today, and we had another nice visit. Her and I have always got along well-I'm thankful she hasn't had any friction or confusion in relation to me, especially since I see her so much! She loves the kids, and never complains about Hosanna and Caleb.

Drew-well, she alternately adores him and calls him the "genius child", or is aghast at his behavior and declares that she has never seen such a temper! "My boy"-as she calls Daddy-"never did that!"

I wonder.

Lately I have been trying to bring them something from my kitchen each time I stop by. Grandma doesn't bake anymore, and I think the routine of grocery store donuts gets a little old. They have an insane sweet tooth, but at their age I figure they deserve to eat anything they want. :) So the latest parade of desserts has been gooey butter cake, chocolate sheet cake, cinnamon rolls (those were made by Candace) and this morning, a coffee cake with coffee frosting. I have now been promoted to Supreme Angel in their eyes-it's amazing what a few desserts can do.

On Tuesdays, I've been in the habit of bringing lunch, usually sandwiches, and seeing if I can get Grandma to eat a whole sandwich verses her usual half. (She always has room for dessert, however!) Today I forgot the sandwich fixings and before Grandpa left he insisted on paying for MacDonald's burgers. Later, I watched in amusement as Grandma ate about 1/3 of hers, gave a few bites to the dog, and saved the rest for "later".

About every 3 minutes she asks if I'd like coffee. Well, I do love coffee but her version of it scares me. Sometimes I will say "yes", so she will stop asking when she sees me holding a cup in my hand. At some point I sneakily dump it down the drain.

Her and Grandpa love Pepsi and that's the only soda they always have on hand. It's another thing Grandma constantly asks me about-"Would you care for some Pepsi, dear?" I used to hate the stuff, but lately I'm giving in a little, again to keep her from asking, and acquiring a taste for it. Ugh! My grandparents seem to think I never eat and drink enough, and look at me with baleful eyes when I refuse their offerings.

Gotta love it all!


  1. Older people are all about the feeding of others. I think it's because they remember a time when there wasn't always enough to eat. Or maybe they just want to fatten us younger people up. lol

  2. I think you are right, Rowena. We are so used to the abundance of food, but it is more precious to the older generation.