Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fine Linen Drama

If you live in the Rolla, Missouri area and have not had the opportunity to attend one of Fine Linen Drama's productions, let me encourage you to attend the upcoming performance of "12 Angry Men"--as with all Fine Linen does, you will be dazzled!
Check out their website:

"Theatre by families... for families"

During the beginning years, my siblings enjoyed being a part of Fine Linen's cast. Tom even played one small role in "Shenandoah". Now, it is exciting to see all the new and talented individuals who have joined to make this the best and most fun drama group I have witnessed!

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  1. Hey there just wanted to say that were still part of the Fine Linen Drama.Well ok it has bean a long time since we've bean in the play or bean to one in a while but that's because we now live in a whole different state:D I hope to come down to big Mo some day in October to see you,if not see you around thanks giving.......Love you and I send my love to all.