Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Let the Little Children Come

I just had the most interesting conversation with my 2 year old. Drew has been initiating many conversations about "God" and "Jesus" lately, often surprising me with his unprompted comments. During a recent breakfast, he talked about Grandpa Tice being in Heaven with Jesus. "But his body is in the grave, Mom?" I talked about it with him as I often have done since my Grandpa's funeral last December. I've been amazed at what an impression it all made on Drew, not even 2 years old then, and how he still brings it up.
Anyway, tonight while relaxing on my bed he said a lot of cute, funny things. I was talking to him and trying to read a magazine, and after he almost pounced on my tummy I said, "Careful! Don't hurt me!" He replied, "Well Jesus can fix it!"
Then he said, "I can't see God."
Me: "I know you can't see Him right now, but you can see him in Heaven someday. And you can talk to God. When you pray, you are talking to God." He listened intently to everything I said. Then I asked, "Would you like to talk to God? What would you like to say?"
Drew: "Yes, I will talk to Him. " Then-this cracked me up- "GOD! (almost yelling) WAKE UP!"
I tried not to laugh, he was so serious...but it was so funny! I explained that God never sleeps. Drew then told me that God "hears when babies cry" and "holds them when they take naps". That really got me misty-eyed; he said it so sincerely.

I love taking the time to listen to little children and wish I did it more!


  1. What awesome parents Drew has to be taught to embrace God at such a young age. So precious!!

  2. I love it very funny and cute!!

  3. Your kids are so smart, it's just a tiny bit scary. :)