Monday, March 2, 2009

This is our Dad

I asked each of my siblings if they would share something special about Dad, or write a note of endearment...


My Dad is a man of faith. One of the ways I've seen this manifested in his life is in regard to our family size. He had ten kids! TEN! After being an only child himself, it must have been a step of faith to trust God regarding the size of his family and the accompanying challenges and blessings.
And as crazy as it was/is in the Nail household, apparently we haven't completely traumatized our Dad since he still retains a hilarious sense of humor!

When I think about fun times we've had with Dad, the canoe trips he took Rachel and I on (in the early days, ha ha) were definitely a blast! Floating down the river, fishing, camping on gravel bars (sometimes underneath the stars)- all of it made a big impression on me. I appreciate how Dad took the time to make fun memories with us!

Dad is the greatest father you could possibly ask for.
He's been there when you need him and even when you don't.
Dad has a very unique sense of humor! One of his OWN! But
none the less, its still funny ;-)! He's a very hard worker, he never
wants to quit until he gets something completely done or he
knows he can't possibly do anymore unless God shows him
otherwise. Dad loves the country and gardening. When we
lived in Missouri, he had close to an acre of 'his' garden along
with a small orchard. He built the house we lived in, and was always
working on it. Now since we have moved to the city in Indiana...he
has gotten a little restless from not being able to do a garden! ;-)!
I really appreciate him being my Father. Just about everything
that has to deal with gardening to building your own house and
from raising chickens to how to operate and repair any motorized
vehicle he has taught me.
Thanks Dad! ;-)

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time as we celebrate your completion of fifty years! Wow! 50 YEARS! Hmm. . .I don't think you yet realize how much time . . . well, never mind.
But anyway, I wanted to say "Thanks" for being my Dad. I could not have asked for a better role model. I am very thankful for what you have done for me. In past years; going hunting, building things, and doing well, 'guy' things. More recently though, teaching me to look to the future, like college and career options.
So thanks Dad, and happy 5oth birthday!

I appreciate that he's my daddy!!! LOL :D

That, and I am really thankful for all the memories (and will continue on having) of him taking us hiking, canoeing, bike riding, and tenting!
Something I know about him, is that he can never keep a secret:D
One of the many things I love about him, is the way he pretends he doesn't like to watch any of our girl movies, but when the time comes for us to watch it, he usually ends up sitting on the couch:D
I think that one of my favorite memories with him is the time he surprised me by spending two days down in Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp riding horses!(that was probably the only time he kept a secret from me)

Happy Birthday Dad! You are now half a century! Time has gone by so fast. You're a great Dad and I really enjoy spending time with you. I appreciate all that you have done for our family, and all that you continue to do. Thanks for taking us along with you when you have a business trip. It's been really fun, seeing places I normally wouldn't have seen! I hope this year will be the best so far! Many wishes for a happy birthday!

I love you lots! Hope you are filled with lots of hugs and kisses this year. Happy 50th Birthday! Love ya

I wish you a happy 50th birthday. In five tens I will be your age and Mara is half the age
of you. You will have a lucky 50th birthday. Dad, thanks for being the best Dad of all.
Thank you for giving me things when I don't deserve it. This will be the 10th time you've had a birthday that I've been alive to see. Happy Birthday! I love you!

You are a good Dad. You play with me and you are always nice to me. You are a love Dad. You are a Dad that is impossible to find because you are a very good Dad. You know why you're special? Because I am important to you. When you play with me, it seems you are a good Dad. I like you because you are my Dad and you're special to me. When you come back from work you play with me, and you are good at playing. And when you are a good player, it fills my heart with joy. And that is why you are my special Dad. Happy Birthday! I love you, Dad!

Have fun! Happy Birthday! You are a good Dad. I like you, Dad. I like your watch. You are fun! I love you, Dad! I want to play with you again soon. I love you

Ha ha, there isn't a Fred. Just seeing if you were paying attention, Dad. Still only ten of us.


  1. HAHA! I was like, "wait a minute, I didn't know they had a FRED!!" lol. Tell your dad happy birthday from the Riefer fam.


  2. hahahahahahahaha!

    Enough said. =]

  3. But that really was a nice thought, Rachel.

    Maybe even genius. ;)

  4. "Mara is half your age"....ahahahahaha! :) :)

    Painful truth.

  5. haha.. oh that was great... I needed to laugh today.. thats Rachel!!