Monday, March 9, 2009

More Journal Excerpts from September 1997

September 7

Last Thursday Dad took us all on a family outing to Elephant Rocks and Johnson's Shutins. We had a lot of fun! First time in three years we all went together to the shutins. We all love swimming there.

Yesterday (Saturday), Mom, Esther and I went to the D's to pick up chickens. We spent the afternoon there and I sold 11 loaves of bread. (Mara stayed home because she didn't feel well, Dad had work to do, and the little guys didn't have a choice! lol) They (the D's) butchered 400 chickens. Yikes! That's the most they've ever done in a single day. I had fun working, but I missed Jessie! lol They are all really hard workers.

September 14

This week has been busy.
Monday and Tuesday were "quiet" days of school.
Wednesday we ran errands in the morning and spent the afternoon and evening at the D's. They have neighbors with extra produce so we drove down and picked green beans and tomatoes and they gave us wild plums! We started making dilly beans and wild plum jam at the D's, but didn't get it all done so we brought the canning stuff home to finish. We have left to make jelly out of the plum juice.
Thursday we CLEANED THE HOUSE. And, the M's came over in the evening. Mrs. M gave Mara and I a piano lesson/instructions so we don't get rusty!
Friday the E's came over in the morning and had lunch with us. Candace, Mara and I watched all the children while the moms went to visit the Gibson-Curry basket shop (known for split-oak baskets). It was a good morning all in all-except for Keturah and Jacob. They are like two magnets with a negative side against a negative. They just don't get along!
Saturday-Grape Fall Festival. Dad worked at the P's, but the rest of us went to see the parade and crafts. We had a nice time, and ate lunch at the park with the N's, but the parade wasn't nearly as good as last year and the crafts were few. Mom did see an oak quilt rack she fell in love with, lol.

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