Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Frugal Shopping Tips

I recently read this post on the "Biblical Womanhood" blog and thought it was great. All of the suggestions she lists are things that I try to do and learned from my own mom.

She begins:

I've received numerous emails from people recently asking how you can lower your grocery bill if you don't live nearby stores which have good coupon deals or if you don't have time to clip coupons. While I'm a big proponent of coupons, I understand that they don't work for everyone in every season of life in every area of the country.

So true! A few years ago I did some research into using coupons and discovered that:

a) local stores will not double coupons (I called them all to find out!)- which is something that coupon proponents in other states rely heavily on- and

b) it was still cheaper for me to buy generic items at Aldi's or grocery brands on sale at other stores than use a coupon for the same name-brand item

I have started using coupons again, but only for a few items.
I'm also trying to do better at keeping an eye on sales and planning my menus accordingly. Recently eggs were on sale at $0.88 per dozen, which is cheaper than I've seen in a long time even at Aldi's, and we had deviled eggs and eggs for breakfast and all manner of egg dishes!

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