Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ever Have a Day Like This?

I've been down with the flu the last two days, and feeling tired and unmotivated in general. However, we're leaving for Florida in a couple days and I'm supposed to be preparing for our trip! I was beginning to wonder if I'll get it all done in know how it is when moms get sick; somehow the house explodes into a giant mess and the laundry *shudder*...oh the laundry! Well, I came across this old journal entry and it made me laugh and feel hopeful at the same time.

We all have "blah" days, when nothing seems to go right.

But that's ok, God is definitely with us each step of the way.

And His mercies are new every morning, right?


October 16, 1997

Today has been unbelievably full of mistakes. We had a bread order and Mara and I both made mistakes on TWO different batches of bread-so we had to make whole new batches.
Plus, Mara spilled oil over the oven bottom (think SMOKE) and ruined a pie when she set it on a hot burner-the glass pie pan exploded and we had apple and glass everywhere.
Milk got spilled twice in the kitchen and I kept stubbing my toe and falling over my feet.
Oh well.
Tomorrow is a fresh start.


  1. haha! Rachel I think I remember either that day or another day!!! Sorry everything has been a little 'hectic' for you.

  2. LOL, oh gotta love "one of those" days.