Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve and Looking Back

More yummy goodies that my sisters made!
We're home again, and I miss the companionship of my siblings. We had a great Christmas visit together.

I was flipping through some old journals, and I came across the following entry. I used to have a tradition of writing in my journal on New Year's Eve. Here's a peek at the past:

January 2, 1999

I'm sitting here on Mom's bed folding clothes (kinda) and writing (mainly). Before me I have my journals of the past 2 years. Each New Year's Eve I recorded memories, goals, reflections, or something like that. But this time I goofed! Thursday evening, New Year's Eve, I completely forgot to get out my journal and write. Oh well. Here I am, 2 days later. New Year's Eve, by the way, we were all here at home. Gary and Grandpa Tice came, and Grandpa left Gary [to visit] while he went to his annual New Year's Eve party-they both stayed the night. Anyway, after Grandpa left we spent the evening visiting with Gary. He, Dad, and the boys started a bonfire outside (a big hit!).

What does this new year hold? I'm excited to find out!
"I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future in His hands."
My goal this year-as always, for as long as I live-is to know God. I've come to learn this is the most important thing.

Just to be funny...

What I know will NOT happen this year! :

-I will not get married
-I will not got to Venezuela or India or Guatemala or-
-I will not publish a book
-I will not eat a block of plain tofu
-I will not get another pair of red glasses
-I will not slit a chicken's throat at the DiGennaro farm
-I will not give a speech in front of a thousand people

Things I think MIGHT happen this year:

-I will turn 17 (hey, if I die it won't happen)
-We finish the summer kitchen in the shed
-One of the Eldredge boys gets married
-I attend a VOM conference
-I actually get some sewing done (if our machine works...)
-I make a quilt
-I can at least 40 quarts
-I grow a decent garden bed (no cornstalks)

The really funny thing is, one speculation in particular came true-an Eldredge boy DID get me!

January has always been a month of reflection for me. I think it's good to evaluate where one is and make goals for the future. A "new year's resolution" isn't any good if it's made on a whim and short-lived. A man's treasure is where his heart is. Where is your heart? What do you hope and pray for in the new year? What changes do you want to make? Any bad habits that need to go? What are your goals? These are the questions I am asking myself.

God bless you this New Year!


  1. So many thoughts come to mind...but why the one about not eating a block of plain tofu?

  2. Not too long before that entry was written, my sister had been dealing with some food allergies, a sensitivity to dairy in particular, and we had been cooking with tofu. We used tofu all sorts of ways-even blending it to make pie fillings. Our pumpkin pie recipe made with tofu was fantastic! Nobody could tell the difference between it and the "real" thing.
    Some recipes in our vegetarian/dairy-free cookbooks called for blocks of tofu that were then marinated and eaten as is. Yuck. We also heard of someone who liked to eat plain tofu. I had a love/hate relationship with tofu and it was a running joke that I would never, ever eat it plain. :)

  3. *amused by predictions*