Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Breakfast

Christmas in Indiana!

Three of my lovely sisters~ Mara, Naomi, & Keturah~ prepared funnel cakes for breakfast. For many years we have been trying to find the "perfect" recipe, either homemade or a store-bought mix, without success. Finally, we found The One! This is hot, powdered sugar fried Perfection:

Just the right amount of soft/chewy/crunchy, and never oily-even rivaling Silver Dollar City's famous funnel cakes!

And then, to balance it all out, I decided to make fruit salad:

The fresh pineapple was fabulous. So that was our Christmas breakfast-simple and sweet. Always something special, but never the same from year to year!

And the funnel cake recipe? Where to find it, you may ask? That's a funny answer. This past summer, while in Branson, Tom and I went along with my family, the Nails, to visit nearby College of the Ozarks. They had a gift shop of items made by students at the college. We loaded up on jellies, apple butter, and pancake mixes. Then, on a whim, Mom decided to try their funnel cake mix just in case. And it was superb!

Here is a list of products available through College of the Ozarks.


  1. Sounds very yummy!

    We were going to do a big breakfast thing yesterday but just never managed to get around to it. That's OK though. We had fruit and Gooey Butter Cake and my boys were thrilled with that! I added blueberries for the first time and it was a hit!

  2. You had funnel cakes for BREAKFAST???
    I'm telling the Homeschool Nutrition and Raw Foods Police on you. :P

  3. hehehe....yay for the C of O plug. That's right -- buy those products! Support those students! ;)

  4. I had alot of fun eating those!! I know your mad at us Rowena for having such fun. Its really not our fault you know....having fun with out you. I guess we could spare a moment with you next time. lol!