Friday, November 14, 2008

"How we did it" series

For the last couple months, I have enjoyed following the blog, "Amy's Humble Musings". Recently, Amy started a series of articles on how they became debt free. I would really encourage you to check them out! You can find them here. I can tell that we share similar goals and ideals, and it's been inspiring/motivating for me to read her story.

Tom and I have always been prayerful about our finances. (We know it's all God's!) We've also endeavored to live far below our income, even when he made less than $15,000 a year.

Contrary to popular opinion, it's not how much you make, but what you do with it. Anyone can save money, even if it's just pennies at first. As Amy mentions in her third article, each little choice adds up, one way or the other.

When Tom and I got married, we had virtually nothing. We did, however, have a trailer to live in rent free on family property, a used vehicle in good condition, and absolutely no debt. Slowly, slowly, we saved. We also paid more than $8, 000 in medical bills during those early years. Now, 9 years later, we live in a modest home that we built and love. We own that and our two used vehicles (Tom's work van and our family van). We have no debt.

I feel extremely humbled and blessed. It is not impossible to get here! But it takes hard work and a willingness to be content, creative, and think outside the box. This is something I am still learning. It's actually been a fun, motivating challenge! What can we do with what we have? How can we make our savings grow? How can we live generously?

God is good, all the time.

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  1. Does this mean I have to stop buying movies and Christmas presents? Wah. :)