Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let Go of Christmas Perfection...

Sweet Hayley, over at Firefighter's Family, just put together a fabulous post about the pressures we face as women in our media-saturated society, so full of Pinterest glamour and Instagram perfection and shiny Facebook fronts.

(Honest insert here> I love Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook!<)

And with Christmas, the pressures and inadequacy can really pile on, can't it?

But don't give it a place in your life-choose something different, choose to be content.

Choose to be real.

Haley gently and truly reminded us:

"My problem is not my mess. Your problem is not your mess. Our problem is pretending we don't have one. Everyone has a mess. In fact that's the very reason, in very simplistic terms, that Jesus, while every bit God, came in the form of man to Bethlehem, to a very big mess:

Birthing room? Sweet moments? Perfect circumstances?  Warm welcome? Not so much.




That's what He's about.

That's really what Christmas is about.

Let Him have your mess.

Merry (real) Christmas."

I love what these honest women shared through their thoughts and pictures. It's awesome! You'll get to see a picture of one of my messes, too, and you know you wanna see that. ;)

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