Sunday, January 27, 2013

My life!

Recently I was grumbling over the state of my house.
Due to all the remodeling going on, or about to begin, I am reorganizing and packing up the house. We have new windows to install, walls that need drywall and paint, floors to put down...this isn't a little cosmetic job to do on the side, this is major renovations! :O

Somehow, the piano ends up being a catch-all for items that don't have a permanent home yet. I stood before the piano, sighing at the mess it had become once again, and feeling grumbly over the general chaos.

I have everything to be thankful for, and I was frustrated over a little mess on the piano! (Oh, the humanness I struggle with!) As I stood there looking at it, I realized that I was looking at my life. It represented so many things I have to be thankful for...

My husband's wallet and papers. I love that hard working man.
Drew's birthday cards. I have a six year old! How precious is that?
Hosanna's artwork. Her creativity inspires me.
Caleb's music and misc coins. He's always learning something new.
Books sent by my sister.
Gifts from friends.
A plant that, amazingly, I've kept alive for three weeks straight.
Paint color samples. (Those are everywhere. Life confetti in this house!)
Art books. Cookbooks. Travel books. Rocks discovered by the kids. Fingerprints.

I'm thankful for my life, no matter how messy it gets.
I love my family, no matter how annoying they can be.
I love my life.

I am properly humbled.

I didn't clean off the piano.


  1. I think it's beautiful! Just like your life! :)