Thursday, March 8, 2012

Homeschool Routine: books for character building & spiritual instruction

Currently, I'm reading aloud these two books (see picture below) to the kids at the beginning of our school day. My goal is to do so every morning, but sometimes it only happens two or three times a week. (Before this, we read through the first three books in the "Scripture Sleuth" series, which the kids LOVED.)

We might also briefly practice whatever Scripture passage Tom is working on with the kids in the evening.

In "The Children's Book of Virtues", I read the story or poem corresponding with a particular virtue and we discuss its merits. The kids have read most of these stories on their own, but we're all enjoying going through the book in chronological order and sharing ideas.

Of course, I'm hoping these virtues become a part of my kids' character but we may have to go through the book, oh, twenty more times to help cement them in our brains. :)

The characters in "Big Truths for Little Kids" are a little too impossibly good and I often roll my eyes at the angelicness contained therein, but the kids listen attentively to the short stories and don't seem to notice. Before each story is a list of catechism questions and we review several each day. This isn't something we've done before, and I'm not requiring them to perfectly memorize each question and answer, but I like the opportunity to discuss scriptural truths as we go through them together.

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