Thursday, February 23, 2012


Darling little baby girl shoes.

An oft-overlooked connection between weaning and depression.
To a much smaller degree than the author's experience, looking back, I realize I encountered a little of this after both of my boys stopped nursing.

Seriously delicious chocolate chip cookies.
Thank you, Candace, for introducing me to these, serving them in warm quantities with hot coffee, and changing my life forever! :)

My go-to, all time favorite, love-you-forever lip balm.
I keep it in my purse, in my make-up stash, under my pillow, in secret hiding places-wherever I go!

Now this I like: a family travels the world together...for 11 years!

An essay on French parenting, which sparked a discussion with some of my mommy friends, on it's merits and the lack of authority and training in delayed gratification often found in the contemporary mode of American parenting.


  1. if you take an 11 year road trip, will you stop in PA?

  2. cleaning the guest room right now!

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