Friday, November 11, 2011

Our recent move...

People ask me how we're getting settled.

Please remove from your mind the mental image of us in a charming little cottage hanging pictures on the wall and gathering 'round the fireplace for autumn cheer.

What you might picture instead is three children of varying heights attacking and tearing apart walls! The basement filled with unpacked boxes! Plywood flooring in the “master” bedroom! A kitchen with disintegrating particle board cabinets! ONE bathroom comprised of a midget toilet, slightly leaning pedestal sink, and funky shower!

But yes, plenty of cheer.

It's good to be moved and all together. The years of Tom traveling for work lasted long enough and we were ready for a change! It's wonderful to be together every evening. We knew when purchasing this house that we would have work to do. Eighty years old, with some updates needed!

I fully expected and planned on us living somewhat sparsely, with packed boxes and just the necessities, while we slowly acclimated ourselves to our new environment, making improvements when possible.

So we're “settled in” in the sense that we're living here, functioning, doing school, and trying to keep some organization while simultaneously tackling various home remodeling jobs. The first main project is redoing the half story upstairs where the children's bedrooms will be. Not just a paint and flooring update, this is a complete overhaul with new insulation, proper vents, drywall, the works! We'll be excited when it is accomplished and the kids can settle in to their nooks. Meanwhile, they are sleeping on air mattresses in the (clean and dry) basement where we also do our school, laundry, and storage of boxes!

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