Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Trip Notes

We have walked up a lot of steps. To towers! To arches! To see expansive views! We have legs of iron! Okay maybe not. More like jellyfish.

We are literally subsisting on 1 1/2 meals a day. We're travelers on the cheap! Parisian food is yummy...but costs a pretty euro! ;)

We've seen several groups of school children. The girls wear blue scarves, the boys have red. Everyone wears scarves in Paris!

We don't see that many trash cans. And public toilets? Nope. However, there is plenty of urine on the street corners and in odd places in the metro. Where are the Parisian women supposed to pee?

Most people are in pretty fit condition. How can this be, with all the pastry, bread, and cheese being consumed? It must be the metro...all those steps...and steps...and steps...your daily workout is a given!

Baguettes are quite popular. We see people gnawing on them everywhere. It seems common to pick one up for lunch, a snack, or on the way home for dinner.

While sitting on a park bench on the famous Champs-Elysees avenue (people watching is so fun) a bird pooped in Mara's purse. Yes- IN, not on. Somehow it missed her white jacket and the white exterior of her purse and landed neatly in one glop in her side pocket. The look of astonishment and disgust on her face was priceless!

I'm getting pretty good at using foreign keyboards. Our hotel has three different kinds! It has been quite an honor to show different clueless people where the "@" button is. :)


Mom, commenting on the lack of available toilets: "I hold my water well."

Rachel, pointing negligently towards a statue: "That guy looks German." It was Winston Churchhill. Ooops

Mara, while crossing the street during a no-walk light: "If the cars come at us too fast, at least they'll get that old lady first."

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