Thursday, June 3, 2010

Camping Preparations


Dinner- Hamburger patties with onions, potatoes, carrots

Breakfast- fried eggs and pre-cooked sausage links, fruit
Lunch- sandwiches, chips, applesauce, veggies
Dinner- beef hot dogs, baked beans, chips, fruit

Breakfast- cereal, yogurt, donuts, fruit
Lunch- leftover sandwich stuff and/or PBJ's

Snacks: chewy bars, fruit leather, dried fruit, nuts, cheese crackers, and various other Aldi delights

And, of course, S'mores

For several months, we've been planning on going camping this weekend with some friends.

Our last camping excursion with them in the fall was rained out. We gave up and went home a night early when our tent was happily leaking water!

This time, armed with a new tent, hopefully our leakage problems will be over. Today was supposed to be shopping and packing day for me. Even though I know it will be great to get out in Creation with my family, I've been listless about the whole camping-preparation part. And I'm less excited about all the laundry afterward. I know, bah-humbug. And then this afternoon, instead of doing camping stuff, I slept two hours. I warned Tom (who has been away the last couple days working) not to expect homemade goodies and my usual camping gourmet. Oh no, we're talking cereal and yogurt here. And lunch meat sandwiches, which I really don't like, so to console myself I bought the good deli meat. This trip will not be about the food or the organization, that's for sure, but the Family Togetherness. That's what it's always supposed to be about, anyways....

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  1. We are on a trip that includes some camping, and we were very FAR from gourmet! I have not been going to the grocery store and I didn't do a trip before leaving for our trip. We managed with most of what was in the pantry and hit a store on the one has complained. I even bought store bought cookies *gasp*!