Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 2010

I'm sitting here drinking hot tea with honey, waaay too early in the morning! A bit of a cold is keeping me awake when I'd much rather be under the comforters!

January flew by in a rush. The kids-and Tom!-enjoyed the snow and ice we got. Tom loved playing ice-hockey.

We've been consistent with school, although there are some areas I'd like to work on more. It's been neat to see Hosanna take off with her reading! She has been reading aloud to me, "Meet Kirsten" and it reminds me of the first time I read the book!

Tuesdays with Grandma continue. Our good friends the Nisbetts have been so kind to watch the children for me. It has been interesting to be on the receiving end of Grandma's paranoid phone calls, distress, and various emotional mood swings as a result of her dementia. It is remarkable to me that while she frequently forgets who her own husband is, she always seems to know who I am.

Drew turned 3 this month! That has been an eye-opener. He's no longer a "baby"! He told me yesterday that "I am getting smarter everyday, Mom". I'm pleased that he is playing more with our blocks, wooden train tracks, and legos-finally, finally, that child is entertaining himself! Whenever I start to cook or bake, though, he's usually at the island in a flash, sitting on a stool and watching (and climbing on the counter, sampling, stirring, spilling, telling me how to do it, and asking "does that have dairy in it??").

Besides Drew's birthday, there were a few other notable milestones this month. My brother Ian and Tom's sister Susie both turned 18. Our niece Katy and adopted niece Sophie turned 4 and 3.  My brother Joshua (7) became a believer in Christ! My parents celebrated their 29th anniversary.

I've been reorganizing our personal and business paperwork system, and trying to stay on top of keeping a small house clutter-free! I'd love to have, oh, about a week to systematically work through the house, cleaning and organizing, but as that isn't possible I'm doing it in bits and pieces.

It's been a good month, because God is good!

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  1. It is good to pause and reflect, isn't it? I'm sorry to hear that you're under the weather... is Tom doing better? Do you think we'll still see you this week?