Monday, January 4, 2010


We spent the better part of our last day in Chicago exploring one section of Chinatown. I imagined it felt a little like actually being in China, if that is possible! Some of the grocery stores and specialty shops (our eyes bugged out at the $75 dried deer tails and assortments of fish stomach and parts) had only non-English speaking hosts. It was really fascinating.

The food was fabulous. Here we are at a restaurant called, funnily enough, "The Mayflower". It was the real deal. And yes, Mara could gracefully use chopsticks while I used a fork and STILL managed to drop food in my lap.

We also ordered random items (most of which we had never heard of before) at a Chinese bakery to share and sample on our trip home. Bean buns, lotus flower puffs, and sesame "cookies", to name a few. Most of them were delicious, while a few initiated the gag reflex. :)
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