Monday, November 9, 2009

Raw Foods Diet Attempt

You may remember that in an earlier post I mentioned trying a raw foods diet. I had been feeling kind of "blah" lately and knew I needed more living foods in my diet, plus I was inspired by my amazing friend Rachel D. She has experience with raw foods diets and their wonderful benefits.

I wanted to last a whole week.

It was more like 4 days.

Before you laugh hysterically, let me whine a little. It was hard! Nothing cooked, nothing remotely processed. Fresh everything. And this by a girl who lives on Bacon and Butter. I ate a lot of spinach salads, including the one above.

But I'm very happy I tried it and my energy level increased by leaps and bounds, even in that short time! Since then, I've continued to eat more raw and be more balanced in my eating habits.

Maybe next time I'll make it to 5 days!
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  1. That looks so wonderful. It makes me want to go on a raw foods diet! Thanks for posting, I'm inspired.

  2. I'm not. But you go