Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Notes From 1998 :: June

Amy's 17th birthday! I gave her a b-day gift on Sunday. She is excited to be 17! It seems hard to believe. I first met her when she was 13.

In the afternoon we swam at the E's pool. The M's were there too and we all had fun. Hot day. In the morning I watched all our Indians while Mom and Mara went shopping.

From "Voice of the Martyrs": Home doesn't have a physical address but spiritual one, and can be found only at the end of a road-the road to Calvary.

Mara and I spent all day at Grace and Ben's trailer, painting.** (When we finally got home I was dead tired.) It was nice to have an opportunity to get to know Grace. Her little Bethany is a sweetie!

B's and D's came over for a fish fry and the R family showed up for singing. We had a very full house. Getting to know Mary and Liz better...

Mr W's surprise party. We had a nice evening, and a potluck picnic. Large group.

Met a new family today-there is always a steady trickle of people passing through. Amy M gave me a beautiful recipe box!

My 16th birthday. Swimming lessons supposed to start-instead I had a surprise day! Jessie and Elisabeth spent the afternoon with us. I loved having them. Rainy. Tobias and Simeon sent me a SNAKE!

No lessons today-too cold. Sabrina Wurmbrand: "Don't treat the martyrs like idols-martyrs don't make the truth. The truth makes a martyr."

Lessons today at the Marti's pool. The little B girls are so enthusiastic! We all had fun. In the evening had dinner at the N's and most of us kids camped out.

We all rose very early today. Rainy and humid-no swim lessons. We went to the Library, came home for lunch then slept all afternoon. M's came in the evening for dinner.

This evening we left for G-ma Neupert's. I was sick all morning and stayed home while everyone else went to swimming lessons. I still feel weak.

We're having a good visit; swimming and playing outside. We leave tomorrow morning. A beautiful day!

"...My God lives, and He has my heart." Sarah Edwards
After prayer (at church) we went to Rolla, got a picnic meal and went to the park. Busy day-we're all tired!

From the book, "John Ploughman's Talks": "Though man alone may be good, yet it is not good that man should be alone."

As "by the ears the ass is known"-A truth as sure as parsons preach-The man, as proverbs long have shown, Is seen most plainly through his speech.

Swimming lessons. Hot! Afterwards we ran errands and I finally bought a purse I liked. We spent forever in K-Mart trying on swimming suits.

Swimming lessons-I love the Marti's pool! I'll be sad when lessons are over. This evening the M's came over for piano. Bad storm.

Swimming lessons. Then in the evening we went to the St. James park to play softball with the Nisbetts. We had fun-I played horribly!

Mom stayed in bed all day because of stomach pains. The rest of us helped the D's butcher chickens all afternoon, and sold bread...we love helping but I'm so tired!

Little Ricky was born this morning-and taken to Columbia. Keeping the B family in prayer.
The W family had flooding.

Today Mom, Dad, and Mr. and Mrs. M left to help the W family. All us kids stayed here at home. Hectic day but nothing major.

3rd longest day of the year. :) Mara has been sick since Sunday. Dad made an appt. with a doctor in St. Louis for the 30th...hoping he can give insights.

I've been working in the garden each morning until it gets hot (which isn't long!). The children are always begging to play in the water.

"Fear not that your life will come to an end. Rather, fear that it will never have a beginning."

This evening we went to Meramec Springs to camp with the Tice family.

Float trip today. We all had fun even though it was hot and the river was packed. First time Mara and I had a canoe to ourselves!

Mr. B and children came to church. It was good to see Elisabeth again! Adam's baptism. A lot of people came and it was very meaningful.

We are trying to get caught up on cleaning and laundry. This evening we went out to dinner with the N's and Yong's family. It was good to see them again!

Today Dad, Mom, and Mara went up to St. Louis for the doctor appt. Found out she has candida. Not all results from testing are completed-she may have some thyroid and other complications as well.

** Little did I dream this would be my future home!

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