Monday, June 1, 2009

If I could send a note to Heaven...

Dear Amy,

Happy Birthday! What, you are 28 already?!? Seems only a couple years ago we were celebrating our 13th and 14th. June was a much anticipated month since our birthdays are so close. I admit, though, I'm not nearly as eager to turn 27 as I was to turn 13! You know, I've still got that magnet you gave me for my 14th birthday. It came attached to a Marjolein Bastin card-we both shared a love for her artwork and I think her cards were the only ones we exchanged. The years added up to a whole pile of them. I sure do miss sending and receiving one from you in June.

Lately I've been thinking about you and Skittles and how you loved those things. I always contended that chocolate should take first place, but you insisted that Skittles were the winner because they didn't melt! Most years I gave you a bag of Skittles and you gave me a chocolate bar. It was a happy arrangement.

Today I'm remembering you and June days of the past, and the beauty of your friendship and the Lord's love in our lives.

I'll be seeing you-I'm not sure when exactly, but when we're together again we've got some June birthdays to catch up on.


P.S. Enclosed is a bag of Skittles!


  1. I never met her, but I'm crying reading this. Your love and missed friendship for her is very touching!

  2. Rachel,that's realy nice I love it.Tell naomi hi! when you see her next week.
    Love ya!

    your sis,

  3. Yes, a very sweet remembrance letter! It
    brought tears to my eyes. Friendships are earthly treasures: as a treasure
    they need "protection" and value, this
    requires a sacrifice on our part. But isn't that exactly what Christ did for us? The relationship you and Amy shared
    was more intimate because you had an important third friend . . . Christ, who
    provided the important foundation.

  4. Thanks, Rachel! I just found this today. It blesses my heart to read and I am so thankful for the hope we have -- we will meet our Savior someday and we will get to say hey to Amy again.
    Love, anita