Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's a Saturday in May

Some of you may have heard that I had oral surgery last week to remove 3 wisdom teeth. Everything went well, and my good nurse friend and designated driver told me later that the anesthesia made me very, very happy.

However, I'm still on Motrin and other painkiller waiting, waiting for all this soreness to go away!

The kids have had a nasty cough the last few weeks-Hosanna especially. We are due to see our family doctor again on Tuesday. We've tried a round of antibiotics-something I am usually hesitant to do, preferring to use natural remedies instead-and lots of immune boosting supplements including vitamin C and zinc. No fevers, just this nagging cough that resists all my best efforts to eliminate it.

We are currently visiting my parents and siblings for Mother's Day weekend. Tom surprised myself, my Mom, and my Grandma with flowers and all the fixings for strawberry shortcakes and chocolate dipped strawberries, which he says will be served tomorrow morning. What a man!

Several of us siblings, plus Dad, went together on a group gift for Mom-a nice canopy glider for the patio. We've all enjoyed sitting on it in groups of twos or threes to read or chat or just watch the kids play. The weather has been beautiful, and the grass and flowers so bright and peppy. I love the month of May!


  1. Glad you're having fun! :)

  2. tell me about it Rowena...


    it really was a lot of fun.