Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine's Day : : 2009

My lovely husband and children served me breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day! I wasn't feeling well that week and didn't accomplish most of my "grand goals", but I still felt very blessed. To be surrounded by my husband and children, healthy and happy, really was enough!

It was cute to have three little people piled on my bed, "helping" me enjoy breakfast.

During the morning, Hosanna and Caleb went with their Grandparents to an assisted living facility where they "blessed" some elderly folks with cookies and lively company.

In the evening, Tom and I attended a local church banquet and enjoyed relaxing together. It was a good day!

When you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be. Leo Tolstoy

I've been going through some old documents, and found I had saved the following suggestions for expressing love to one's husband. I've done a few of these, and was inspired to look for more ways to say "I love you", not just on V-Day, but all year 'round!

 Write your husband a love note on the bathroom mirror with soap. (It washes right off.)

 Tie a heart-shaped helium balloon to your husband's steering wheel for him to discover on Valentine's morning or after work on Valentine's Day.

 Write your husband a long love letter telling him why you love him and why your love has grown for him over the past years. Put it in his briefcase for him to discover at the office or while on a business trip! (Don't cheat and use a card - they will appreciate it in your own words)

 Kidnap your husband for an activity day doing his favorite things!

 Surprise your husband at work and bring in goodies for him and his office. (This shows him how much you care about his job and those he works with daily)

 Plan a fun event for your husband with all his friends. (Guys are bad about keeping in touch but they love to get together!)

 Leave a voicemail message at work for your husband the night before, so he will have a boost first thing in the morning!

 When there is a big game on with his favorite team, decorate the house in the team's colors and make a special dish or snack food for him to enjoy during the game. But most importantly, sit down and enjoy the game with him!

 Read Gary Chapman's book, "The Five Love Languages" and learn to speak love in the way your husband really understands!

 Give your husband homemade tickets to cash in through out the year for free Saturdays ... days where he can go and hunt, fish, golf or whatever guy-thing your man-cub enjoys doing.

 Slip a love note into his wallet telling him if you had it to do all over again, you'd still choose him!

 Watch your wedding video together or look at your wedding pictures.

 Trade out babysitting with another couple for a whole night. While the kids are away have a romantic date night at home complete with dinner by candlelight and snuggling by the fireplace.

Origin unknown


  1. I like most of these suggestions, Rachel! I have to admit, though, the one about wedding pictures/video made me chuckle. That would be something my man would do for me to show me he loves me, not the other way around! ;-)

  2. I know, Laurel! That one does sound rather feminine. :)
    To that list I would add:
    "Bake your husband his favorite dessert and/or prepare him a great dinner." I know my husband gets stars in his eyes when I bake him a pie!