Friday, February 27, 2009

September 3, 1997


Dad took this week off (to work on the shed and foundation) and we've been very busy! I've decided that that is life. It just never slows down!

On Monday-surprise visit from Gpa and Gma T! They stayed for about 3 hours and ate lunch with us. They are home "alone" now with Great Grandpa R since Aunt Robyn and kids recently moved out (they bought a house in St. Louis).

On Tuesday-worked on the shed. Keturah drank from an insect replant bottle, and when Mom called the poison control center they said it could cause seizures (oh what comforting news, lol). We stopped work on the shed and prayed over her. She was her usual silly self. Dad called the emergency room and they said the same thing, and to bring her in. Mom, Dad, and Keturah left in a hurry and were gone about three hours. The doctor gave her some charcoal and said she would be fine-she didn't drink enough poison to cause a problem.
After the hospital trip they went to the eye-center at Wal-Mart, got my glasses fixed (I was blind all morning!), came home, and started working on the shed-again!

Today-poured concrete at 8:00 this morning. Dad bought 5 1/2 yards and we still need more...

The three most common phrases Dad uses whenever he is building:

"Close enough."

"It'll do."

"Not bad."

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