Friday, December 12, 2008

Remembering Grandpa

In preparation for Grandpa's visitations and memorial/funeral services, all of us (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) have been compiling photos, letters, music, anything to be shared in memory of Grandpa or in honor of his life. My house has been filled with music as my sisters have been playing and recording pieces for the memorial dvd.

I found a letter I wrote to my Grandparents on their 50th anniversary. They have been married 56 years. I hope and pray Tom and I have at least that long together!

I have been so blessed by all the words of comfort and practical service I and my family have received these last few days. Thank you!
My good friend Candace shares her thoughts


July 2002

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

I am especially grateful for the voices of encouragement you have both been in my life. You are always faithful to encourage and challenge my skills- in reading, writing, sewing and crafts, baking, and whatever developing interests I had as a young person. You encouraged my creativity, and inspired me to keep doing better! I often reflect on how much I appreciated your attentiveness. And still do!

As I look back on special memories made with you, our summer 1999 trip to the west coast stands out. I loved spending time with you as my grandparents, exploring country I had never seen before, and absorbing new experiences. Thank you again for taking the time to invest in my life!

Other enjoyable memories would include family gatherings in Strafford, playing games together, making family “videos”, camping excursions, trips to Silver Dollar City…I’m so thankful for the happy memories!

I’m honored to be your granddaughter, and proud of the 50 years you’ve spent together!
As you pass on a lifetime of memories and wisdom to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, I pray you’ll be richly blessed. May you reap the rewards of a family that loves you very much!

I love you,



I loved being on the road with my Grandparents, just the three of us. Grandpa was adventuresome and always willing to explore with me as much as possible. He introduced me to new cultures and experiences that fed my love of travel.

Grandpa was generous. He encouraged my creativity by paying for all my film expenses during our '99 trip! Afterwards, I put together a scrapbook album of our time together for him and Grandma.

Grandpa's love of literature inspired me, too. We browsed use bookstores and spent hours at places like, "The Tattered Cover".

Grandpa had a hearty appreciation for homemade breads! I am a baker and loved to "test" my yeast breads on Grandpa. Of course, he always approved!

Grandpa welcomed and enjoyed each new addition to the family. He would remark how each baby was precious and beautiful. He loved holding his grand and great-grandchildren!

When I think of Grandpa, I remember him smiling and laughing. His famous dimples and laughing eyes lit up his face. He wasn't solemn and reserved-he was right there with us, living in the moment.


  1. I lost my grandpa a year ago in January. After he died, I got a coat of his that smelled just like Old Spice, what he had worn (and smelled like) for my entire life!
    Thank you for sharing your memories of your grandpa. He sounds like a wonderful man. I am so sorry for your loss.
    Love, Paula