Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drew on the Phone

At 21 months old, Drew is our delight and joy. Like Caleb, he's been an early talker and keeps us amused with his little sayings. Just a moment ago, I caught him at my desk in the craft room.

"What are you doing, hon?" I asked

"Eating 'choca'!" he grinned.

Sure enough, he was eating one of my precious truffles!

Perhaps because he is a quick learner, I've never really worked with him on saying words. A little, yes, but for the most part he just started popping them out. I remember clearly his first "real" sentence-when Daddy was chasing him around the house he ran to me and said, "Mom, Dad got me!".

He loves to say "thank you" and has for weeks.The other day I heard him mimicking Caleb and saying "thanks", instead. It's the cool thing to say now-"Thanks, Mom"-he emphasizes that "thanks" like it's his new favorite word. :)

As you can see from the pictures, he loves phones! The little talker....

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